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Tribal, Arrows, Teal, Navy Blue, Boy Name Labels

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♥ Personalize these waterproof labels and iron-on clothing labels with your child’s or baby’s name {make them for you, too}. 

Need to keep track of your child’s or baby’s belongings? Water bottles/baby bottles, school supplies, camp supplies, books, pens/pencils...? Anything plastic, metal, or glass? These are great for anything that travels {school, daycare, sports, camps}, or for identifying belongings among siblings.

Minny Skinny labels are great for pacifiers, baby bottles, bottle caps, utensils, pens/pencils, and items where you want or need a small label.  Iron-on clothing labels are great for keeping track of all your child's clothing items. Simply peel and iron on.  For the complete package to get you started, choose the SCHOOL/DAYCARE KIT or the KIT+Iron-On Clothing Labels option.

♥ Waterproof Labels - use for plastic, metal, and glass items
♥ Iron-On Labels - use for clothing and anything fabric that can be ironed
* all labels can be washed

♥ Size Options ♥
Waterproof Standard Name Labels: 1” x 2.625”
Waterproof Minny Skinny Name Labels: 0.375” x 1" (this size is great for small baby bottles and bottle caps)
Waterproof Circle Name Labels: 0.75" x 0.75"
Waterproof Circle Name Labels: 2" x 2"
Clothing Iron-On Name Labels: 0.5" x 1.8"

1. 108 Circle Name Labels: 0.75" x 0.75"
2. 20 Circle Name Labels: 2" x 2"
3. 30 Rectangular Name Labels: 1” x 2.625”
4. 154 Minny Rectangular Name Labels: 0.375” x 1"
** If you choose the KIT+Iron-On option, you will also receive 80 Iron-On Clothing Labels

♥ Iron-On Clothing Labels ♥
When you include this option, you will receive BOTH the Waterproof Labels *AND* 80 iron-on clothing/fabric name labels that coordinate with your waterproof name labels. These fabric labels are easy to use - peel and iron on to clothing items (lunch boxes, clothes, blankets, hats, and anything that is fabric).

♥ CHECKOUT INSTRUCTIONS: During checkout, click on "Special instructions for seller" to include name that goes on stickers - first and last name for one person, please.  If you want a font different than the one shown, include the font # from the picture in your order notes.  Font notes: #1 is all lower-case letters, font #9 is all upper-case letters.  I will customize according to your notes, and that is exactly how your labels will print.

♥ WATERPROOF & DURABLE: ink is “baked on” and won’t run; adhesive is permanent, sticker will not disintegrate in water; tear proof; won’t scratch

♥ CARE TIPS: when you apply the sticker, make sure the corners are pressed down and that there are no bubbles or creases, then wait 24 – 48 hours before hand washing. This makes sure there is a strong bond between the sticker and your item {plastic, glass, metal}. These labels are waterproof and can handle wet settings and washing, but they are NOT RECOMMENDED FOR DISHWASHERS because of the wide variety of heat settings (temps over 300 degrees will melt the design off the label). If you choose to dishwash, test one label first.

With the iron-on labels, you will want to iron at the easy care/wool setting {medium heat that doesn't get over 300 degrees. Make sure that once you place your label, cover with fabric/towel to protect the print. Then, iron on both sides if possible to get a solid bond. Don't use steam.

♥ FAST SHIPPING: Order your stickers today, and they'll be shipped within 3- 5 business days depending on level of customization! Keep in mind that after your item ships through USPS, it will take several days to arrive to you. We know you're excited to receive your package, and we're excited too! That's why we process your order as fast as possible.

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