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About us


Modish Labels began with an inspiration while pregnant with my second child {that's me pictured 2 days before delivery}.  With a five year-old daughter in school, and a little man on the way, I wanted to share my love for design with other parents through fun and stylized items that help capture memories and hold on to little family treasures.

I started a small Etsy shop in 2015, with the idea of having it as a hobby that would provide a savings plan for my two children.  More than 20,000 happy customers later, we launched Modish Labels.

Now a full-time passion, I derive so much joy from seeing pictures of our Modish Babies wearing their Modish Monthly Baby Stickers.  Please tag your Modish Baby with #ModishCC on Instagram and Facebook so that we can share in your joy, too!  And it makes my day to receive messages from parents letting me know how Modish Labels make keeping up with their family belongings so much easier – from daycare to school, camps, and sports.  It’s such an honor to tag along with your family’s special moments.

All of our products are designed by me, professionally printed in the USA using high-quality USA manufactured materials, and hand packaged by me and a few amazing helpers.  Great care and love go into every package shipped.

Thank you for allowing us to take part in your Modish Memories and day-to-day family moments.